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First Graders Raised $1,008 for Typhoon Relief photo

First Graders Raised $1,008 for Typhoon Relief

  “Winter Workshop” took place on the First Grade Hall at Porter Ridge Elementary and the students joined forces to help raise funds for Typhoon Yolanda victims in the Philippines. The annual workshop is a Social Studies unit, teaching the basic economics principles of salaries, goods and services, needs and wants, and producing and consuming. Globalization and Mathematics studies are also integrated into the experience. Students “produced” handicrafts which represented each of the five adopted European countries in first grade. They set up shop in classrooms and hallways, and sold the items to staff and family members.

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Jumpstart Your Morning! photo

Jumpstart Your Morning!

 Most mornings we sleep as long as we can and maybe hit the snooze button a couple of times before getting up and coming to school. Well, guess what! While we are catching our last ZZZZs there are a few dedicated students who are waking up early to help our students at Porter Ridge Elementary School, PRES. Jumpstart is a program that we have at PRES for students who have difficulty completing homework. There a few students from each class in grades 3-5 who attend each day. Jumpstart is intended to be an intervention for children who do not understand the concepts that were taught in class well enough to do the homework independently. The students attempt to do the homework, but the tutors present in the morning can reinforce the strategies taught in the classroom and help the children grasp the concepts. This year we are fortunate to have members of Porter Ridge High School Honor Society that come over every morning, Tuesday – Friday from 7- 7:30 to tutor these students.

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